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Department of Pediatrics

Michelle M. Garrison, PhD

Associated with Fellowship
Health Services and Quality of Care Research Fellowship
Professional Bio

Michelle M. Garrison, PhD, is an Associate Professor at the University of Washington with a joint appointment between the the School of Public Health, Department of Health Services and the School of Medicine, Division of Child and Adolescent Psychiatry. At the University of Washington, Dr. Garrison is the Director of the Center for Health Innovation and Policy Science, and Associate Director of the MPH/MS program in Health Services where she is the primary advisor for all clinical fellows in the program. She works with colleagues across a variety of clinical fields to help them conduct research on innovative and effective ways to improve the quality of healthcare, and is especially interested in 1) sleep research, 2) optimizing intervention and implementation effectiveness, and 3) methodological research to improve the efficiency of clinical trials and the generalizability of the results. Here at Seattle Childrens, Dr. Garrison's lab primarily focuses on child and adolescent sleep and the dynamic relationships with media use, behavior problems, physical activity, and obesity. She develops family-centered and sustainable health behavior change interventions, and studies the long-term impact of improved sleep on child and adolescent development as well as family health and functioning.

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