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Dr. Hannibal Person Joins the Center for Diversity and Health Equity as Medical Director! 

Dr. Hannibal Person

We are excited to share that Dr. Hannibal Person will join the Center for Diversity and Health Equity (CDHE) as the medical director beginning November 2023. Hannibal is a gastroenterologist and psychiatrist in the Division of Gastroenterology and Hepatology and an assistant professor at the University of Washington School of Medicine. Hannibal has a long history of focusing on health equity program development. He has contributed his skill set to the Department of Pediatrics' research initiative as a co-investigator and co-facilitator for the Bias Reduction in Medicine tailored for pediatrics (BRIMP+).

Hannibal will work in partnership with CDHE senior leadership, including us, Alicia Tieder, Dr. Leslie Walker-Harding, and Myra Gregorian, alongside Maya Scott, CDHE director and the CDHE research director — a position held by Dr. Brian Saelens as interim. At the same time, we complete the recruitment of a permanent leader. The CDHE medical director provides leadership to advance the CDHE mission to identify and eliminate health inequities for children, families, and communities through an inclusive and anti-racist framework.