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Department of Pediatrics

Colin Studholme, PhD

206.221.7022 (phone)
Associated with Fellowship
Neonatal-Perinatal Fellowship
Professional Bio

Scholarly Focus: Fetal and neonatal brain imaging. Dr. Studholme has brought expertise in computational imaging, imaging physics and image analysis to pre‐natal and post‐natal imaging. His group has been developing and applying new imaging and image analysis tools to more accurately and robustly map early brain functional and structural connectivity before and shortly after birth, to provide markers for abnormal development and brain injury. His work at UW has expanded to recruiting and scanning a large cohort of normal pregnancies to construct a reference database for how the normal human brain develops before birth and how brain anatomy varies at different gestational ages during pregnancy. In addition to studying normal brain growth he is involved in projects on neurodevelopmental abnormalities such as ventriculomegaly, fetal alcohol exposure, fetal cardiac abnormalities and intra‐uterine growth restriction. In addition to his ongoing research in this area, he is a co‐investigator on the randomized controlled trial of Epo neuroprotection in extremely preterm infants (PENUT Trial), with the specific aim of evaluating brain growth of Epo treated infants as compared to controls.

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