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Department of Pediatrics


Curricular materials for every student in the pediatric clerkship are available on the medical student website for printing, reading and disseminating as needed.

Each rotation, you as site director or coordinator, will receive for your student(s) a biography and a biographical letter with the students picture. In the mail, quarterly, you will receive for each medical student a "Basic Pediatric Clerkship" manual, provide this manual to the student during  the student orientation. You may show at the student orientation the Clerkship orientation video produced by the Clerkship Director, Jordan Symons

You will also receive for each medical student a "Basic Pediatric Clerkship" manual and the required clerkship forms that are pre-populated for the student. Please give this to the students during orientation.

Final Exam

The Final examination is a 100 question test that is taken by the student using a computer at your site.  The exam is solely based on the 32 Aquifer cases and the exam is created by Med-U, creator of the Aquifer cases. Students are required to use a computer with a recommended lock-down browser, required to be installed to initiate the exam.  The exam length is 2.5 hours, unless there is a student accommodation letter from the University of Washington Disabilities office.  All exams are now on the last Thursday of the clerkship, to allow students to travel on Friday to their next clerkship site.

Grading approach for the Pediatric Core Training Experience  - page to be found here under the Policies section

Using the Pediatrics Tracker

Students will log in to the Pediatric tracker (using their UW Net ID) to record requirements completed during the clerkship. This is marking as complete or uploading documents into the tracker, where uploaded documents are retained for SOM records. Note: An educator is required to provide feedback on the review of the student write-up.  This feedback must be included in the students uploaded document. All items will be reviewed by the medical student office prior to grade being moved forward to clerkship directors for submission.

Grade Submission

All Preliminary Grade forms are to be submitted into the system, by 2 weeks following the end of the rotation.  Preference and goal is with in one week.

Using the E-Value Clinical Encounters

Students will log in to the E-Value system (using their UW Net ID) to record their required pediatric encounters.  There are 8 domains to be completed during the pediatric clerkship.