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Craniofacial Medicine


The Division of Craniofacial Medicine aims to provide and coordinate the highest–quality interdisciplinary care of patients with congenital and acquired craniofacial conditions. Our faculty’s expertise spans the fields of epidemiology, genetics, developmental biology and clinical research. We provide outpatient and inpatient care at Seattle Children’s and comprehensive consultations at both Seattle Children’s and the University of Washington.

Clinical Programs

Pediatric craniofacial medicine faculty coordinate care through Seattle Children’s Craniofacial Center and several specialty clinics. These clinics include the Plagiocephaly Clinic, which focuses on the diagnosis and management of postnatal deformational plagiocephaly; the Prenatal Clinic, which provides prenatal assessment, education and counseling for mothers and families after the prenatal diagnosis of a craniofacial condition; and the Craniofacial Genetics Clinic, which provides focused diagnostic evaluations, education and counseling for families affected by craniofacial conditions. These clinical programs provide long-term management of craniofacial conditions, including family education. We also pursue state-of-the-art clinical research to develop improved diagnostic, preventive and health care delivery strategies.

For appointments, please call: (206) 987-2208

Research Programs

The chief of the Division of Craniofacial medicine also directs the Center for Craniofacial Research, which supports interdisciplinary research for the division. Our long-term goal is to develop an interdisciplinary research program that parallels our clinical center and to become an international leader in craniofacial-related science.

Training Programs

The Division of Craniofacial Medicine in the University of Washington Department of Pediatrics is accepting applications for subspecialty clinical and research training in craniofacial medicine.

Drawing on the clinical and research expertise of our group and the broader university community, we will offer a variety of training opportunities ranging from one year clinical fellowships to three year fellowships with training in molecular biology, developmental biology, epidemiology, bioethics, clinical and outcomes research, molecular genetics, and public health sciences, among other disciplines. The goal of our fellowship program is to train pediatric providers to become members of cleft and craniofacial teams while providing the scientific training necessary to become successful independent investigators for those who want to pursue academic careers.

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Program Support Manager:
Jerrie Bishop
Phone (206) 987-4572

Division Chief

Michael L Cunningham, MD, PhD

Professor Division Chief


Matthew Blessing, MD

Clinical Assistant Professor

Michael L Cunningham, MD, PhD

Professor Division Chief

Kelly Evans, MD

Assistant Professor

Emily R Gallagher, MD, MPH

Associate Professor

Khadidja Harrell - No picture available

Khadidja Harrell

Acting Assistant Professor

Carrie Heike, MD, MS

Associate Professor

Daniela V. Luquetti, MD, PhD

Associate Professor

Murat Maga, PhD

Associate Professor

Kai Yu, PhD

Research Assistant Professor

Contact Information

Seattle Children’s Hospital
Craniofacial Center
4800 Sand Point Way NE
Box 359300; MS OB.9.420
Seattle, WA 98105

Telephone: (206) 987-1869
Appointments: 206-987-2208