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UW Pediatrics

UW Pediatrics Research

UW Pediatrics is at the forefront of medical research. Through our discoveries and advances, we are improving health outcomes for children worldwide. We are a large and diverse group of researchers pursuing an array of research questions, yet we are united in our focus on a single mission: the wellbeing of children.

“What I like about pediatrics research is that there is so much potential for positive change.”

-Dr. Stefan Kappe

Seeking to Know the Unknown

UW Pediatrics conducts research driven by intellectual curiosity and passion. We strive to uncover how things work—the causes of disease; how pathogens make people sick; how cancer spreads—and translate our advances into innovative, impactful approaches to health problems.

Since many diseases and health problems lack perfect medical solution, everything we do in our research represents a potential new intervention that may save lives. Translating research to clinical impact can take time, but what we do today can transform care in the future.

Diversity of Research

We are renowned for the diversity of diseases we investigate, and for our expertise in such a wide range of scientific areas and approaches, all focused on the well-being of children. From a chewing gum that prevents preterm birth, to virtual reality that improves infant resuscitation, to anticancer agents that improve the effect of other therapies—our research is diverse and far-reaching.

The research conducted in our labs spans a range of areas, including community health, social studies, operational efficiencies, pathogenesis of disease, health outcomes, and hypothesis-driven laboratory-based research, to name a few. Whereas many medical departments have a specialized focus, pediatrics touches nearly all specialties. This diversity of research creates and supports greater scientific progress and interactive, collaborative work across disciplines.


UW Pediatrics at the Forefront

UW Pediatrics is leading the discovery of new insights into the causes of childhood diseases, and the development of new approaches to improving pediatric health. Our faculty is recognized internationally for its research achievements. Check out our latest published research.


The Promise of Impact

Many of our research studies have immediate, real-world impacts—such as our contributions to vaccine development, safety and efficacy, and delivery and administration during the COVID pandemic. Sometimes a discovery is brought all the way through product development, and sometimes the research is on the cusp of having an impact—such as recent work on a malaria vaccine that, if successful, may save the lives of hundreds of thousands of children around the world every year.

Research Locations

UW Pediatrics is home to faculty who are at the forefront of pediatric research. Our faculty’s research laboratories, groups, and programs are located at the UW Medical Center, Seattle Children’s, Fred Hutch, and throughout the WWAMI region.

Research Administration

Vice Chair of Research

Lucas R. Hoffman, MD, PhD

Professor Vice Chair of Research Director, Seattle Children’s Therapeutics Development Center for CF Microbiology


Stefan Kappe, PhD

Professor at the Center for Global Infectious Disease Research


Margaret Rosenfeld, MD, MPH

Professor Associate Vice Chair of Clinical Research Interim Co-Center Director, SCRI's Center for Clinical and Translational Research Director, Primary Ciliary Dyskinesia Clinic

Research Administrator

Patrick Lennon

Research Administrator