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Brain Research Advancement In Neonatology

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To improve neonatal neurodevelopmental outcomes through neuroprotection-focused research and clinical application.


To provide evidence-based national leadership in neonatal neurologic care and scholarship.

Specific Aims

  • Improve neonatal neurodevelopmental outcomes through evidence-based research
  • Investigate new neuroprotective therapies
  • Support clinical evaluation and application of evidence-based therapeutics
  • Promote advancement of research and educational scholarship for junior faculty and the next generation of neonatal care providers
  • Explore mechanisms to reduce disparities in neurodevelopmental outcomes within the U.S. and globally


  • University of Washington Neonatology Bioresearch Fund
  • University of Washington Neonatology Division Faculty Start-up Funds

Peer-reviewed publication 2021-2023

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BRAIN Faculty


Janessa Law, MD

Assistant Professor Director – BRAIN Team

Thomas Ragnar Wood, BM, BCh, PhD

Research Assistant Professor Director, Preclinical Research

Mihai Puia-Dumitrescu, MD, MPH

Assistant Professor Associate Medical Director, NICU, Seattle Children’s Hospital Director of Clinical Research, Division of Neonatology

Sarah Kolnik, MD, MBA

Assistant Professor Associate Medical Director, University of Wasington Medical Center NICU

Kendell R German, MD

Assistant Professor Director of Research, Infant Development Follow‐Up Clinic Associate Program Director, Neonatal-Perinatal Medicine Fellowship

Ulrike Mietzsch, MD

Clinical Associate Professor Medical Director, Neuro‐NICU, Seattle Children’s Hospital