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The Division of Endocrinology consists of a dedicated team of physicians, certified diabetes nurse educators, dietitians, social workers and pediatric nurse practitioners who provide consultation and long-term management of children and adolescents with acute and chronic endocrine disorders.

Clinical Programs

Endocrinology provides consultative care at Seattle Children’s. Diagnoses or conditions treated are: adrenal disorders, calcium and phosphorus disorders, constitutional growth delay, diabetes mellitus, gonadal disorders, growth hormone deficiency, hypoglycemia, hyperlipidemia, pituitary disorders, precocious puberty, premature thelarche and adrenarche, thyroid disorders, and short stature.


Research Programs

Faculty in the Division of Endocrinology perform research in pediatric endocrinology, diabetes and obesity.

Training Programs

The UW School of Medicine Pediatric Residency Program, which includes postdoctoral programs providing training for fellows in endocrinology, is based at Seattle Children’s, the major pediatric referral center in a five-state region – Washington, Wyoming, Alaska, Montana and Idaho (WWAMI).

For more information, please visit the Endocrinology Fellowship page.

Community Programs

DiSH logo - Diabetes in School Health

DiSH provides a telementoring program for school personnel caring for students with diabetes.

Division Chief

Catherine Pihoker, MD

Professor Division Chief, Endocrinology

Faculty Directory


Deema Baha Arafah, MD

Clinical Instructor

Carolina C Di Blasi, MD

Clinical Associate Professor

A. K. Helen L Dichek, MD

Associate Professor

Sara A Divall, MD

Endocrinology Fellowship Director Associate Professor

Meenal Gupta, MD

Acting Assistant Professor

Juanita K Hodax, MD

Assistant Professor Associate Program Director, Endocrinology Fellowship

Alyssa Huang, MD

Acting Assistant Professor

Grace J Kim, MD

Associate Professor

Ildiko H. Koves, MD

Associate Professor

Faisal S. Malik, MD, MSHS

Assistant Professor Program Co-Director, Health Services and Quality of Care Research Fellowship Interim Associate Director, CCHBD

Debika M. Nandi-Munshi, MD

Clinical Associate Professor

Kathryn D. Ness, MD, MSCI

Clinical Professor

Catherine Pihoker, MD

Professor Division Chief, Endocrinology

Parisa Salehi, MD

Associate Professor

David M. Werny, MD, MPH

Clinical Assistant Professor

Contact Information

Seattle Children’s Hospital
4800 Sand Point Way NE
Box 359300; MS OC.7.820
Seattle, WA 98105
(206) 987-5271