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Mihai Puia-Dumitrescu, MD, MPH, CMQ

Associated with Fellowship(s)
Neonatal-Perinatal Fellowship
Professional Bio

Clinical Interests: Improving care and outcomes of premature and critically ill infants through evidence based, family‐centered clinical practice.

Scholarly Focus: Dr. Puia‐Dumitrescu's objective is to combine critical illness physiology, epidemiological methods, and clinical trial design to optimize drug therapy and neurodevelopmental outcomes in premature infants and critically ill neonates. His research focus includes work in the areas of neurophysiology, neurodevelopmental outcomes, therapeutics and pharmacoepidemiology. Dr. Puia‐ Dumitrescu is collaborating with the group at Duke Clinical Research Institute in Durham, NC, and locally with the BRAIN team on projects focused on in‐hospital and neurodevelopmental outcomes. He has a strong commitment to academic medicine, pediatric clinical research, and improvement in the health of critically ill infants.

Research Funding:

2019‐2024 Multinational and multicenter Phase 2b trial: A double‐blind  Randomized,  Sham‐  Controlled, Parallel‐Group, Dose‐Ranging Study to Determine the Efficacy, Safety, and Tolerability of AeroFactTM (Aerosolized SF‐RI‐1), Role: site‐PI

Administration/Education Roles: Dr. Puia‐Dumitrescu is the Pharmacy & Therapeutics committee NICU representative at Seattle Children’s Hospital and involved in guidelines and safety work. He is also devoted to educating future clinical researchers, in‐training pediatric residents, neonatology fellows, neonatal nurse practitioners, and neonatal nursing staff.

Dr. Puia‐Dumitrescu is the Washington state representative for the District VIII Chapter of Neonatal‐ Perinatal Medicine Section, American Academy of Pediatrics.

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