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Department of Pediatrics

Andy Shih, PhD

Professional Bio

Scholarly Focus: Dr. Shih initiated his independent research at the Medical University of South Carolina (2012‐2018) before moving to the city of Seattle. His research uses state‐of‐the‐art in vivo imaging methods to examine the basis of neurovascular function and dysfunction in models of stroke and small vessel disease. His recent studies have focused on microscopic ischemic lesions often observed in VCID (cerebral microinfarcts), and their enduring effects that may contribute to cognitive impairment. A second line of research examines microvascular pericytes and their role in maintaining vascular stability in the developing and adult brain. His research has been continually funded by the NIH (NINDS and NIA), and by Foundations such as the American Heart Association, Dana Foundation NeuroImaging Award, Alzheimer’s Association New Investigator Award, and Charleston Conference on Alzheimer’s Disease New Vision Award. More information can be found on his lab website:

Research Funding:

2017‐2022            Deciphering the Cerebral Microinfarct and its Role in Vascular Cognitive Impairment, R01 NS097775. Role: PI, Total Award: $1,964,790

2018‐2020            Cytoskeletal Dynamics of Brain Pericytes and Impact on Capillary Flow, R21 NS106138.

Role: PI, Total Award: $275,000

2019‐2021            The Effects of Amyloid Beta on Pericyte Remodeling and Brain Capillary Function In Vivo, R21 NS106138. Role: PI, Total Award: $275,000

2019‐2020            Deep In Vivo Two‐photon Imaging of White Matter Pericytes During Ischemia, Albert Trust Foundation. Role: Co‐PI, Total Award: $75,000

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