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Department of Pediatrics

Visiting Students

The University of Washington Department of Pediatrics invites students from American and Canadian medical and osteopathic schools to do 4th year rotations at the University of Washington Medical Center and Seattle Children's.

International (non-Canadian) Students:
Please go to: Guidelines and Policies for International Students

United States and Canadian Medical and Osteopathic Students:

  • Application
    • All visiting students pursuing an elective in the Department of Pediatrics must apply to and be accepted by the University of Washington Visiting Student Program. Visit their website to start the process: UW Visiting Student Program
    • Accepted applications are forwarded via VSAS to the Medical Student Coordinator in the Pediatric Medical Student Office.
    • SPACE IS LIMITED. Students should apply for and rank multiple electives in VSAS in order to increase chances of receiving an elective offer.
    • Please note the following:
      • Read the application requirements carefully!
      • The Pediatric Medical Student Office will not consider applications received less than six weeks before the start of a rotation period.
      • All applicants are required to provide a current CV and letter of recommendation. CV’s and LOR’s must be uploaded through VSAS. Your application will not be considered without these materials. Letters of recommendation do not need to be from a pediatrician but should be from a faculty member who has worked with you in a clinic setting.
      • Approval by the UWSOM Visiting Student Program does not guarantee you a space in a PEDS elective.
  • Courses
    • Availability
      • Availability can not be given until 6 six weeks prior to the rotation start date. Please do not send inquiries about availability.
      • Rotations between July and October are often full and hard to get into
      • Less than half of applicants get a rotation on the dates they request
    • SUB-Is (PEDS 691 Advanced General Pediatrics)
      • Sub-Is are much sought after and hard to get
      • If you can't get one early in the year, January through May is the best time to try for one
    • Location
      • All PEDS rotations are done at Seattle Children's except for PEDS 669 and PEDS 679
      • PEDS 669 & 679 are held at the UW Medical Center
    • For information on the rotations we offer to visiting students and the UWSOM Clinical Schedule:
  • Registration
    • The Medical Student Office will contact you when they receive your completed application through VSAS. This email contact will outline the next steps toward registering for a rotation.
    • The Department of Pediatrics may not "pre-enroll" or hold spaces for potential visiting students, regardless of their intent or qualifications.
    • If space is available, students will be matched to open electives and notified via VSAS no earlier than 6 weeks prior to the beginning of the elective.
  • Confirmation
    • You are guaranteed an elective spot only after you receive a confirmation of registration from the Medical Student Office.
  • Where we are
    • Seattle Children's is located at Sand Point Way and 50th in Seattle about 2 miles north of the UW Medical Center.
  • Staying in Seattle
  • Getting here:
    • Metro King County bus systems #'s 25 and 75 stop at Children's. Check out the metro transit website at:
    • A free shuttle runs between the UW Medical Center and Children's.
    • All medical students park at the Magnuson parking lot, located 1.5 miles NE of Children's.
    A free shuttle runs every seven minutes, M-F, 5:45A-8:30P. Students working at the Hospital later than 8:30P can park at Children's after 2:30P and anytime on holidays and weekends.
  • Eating at the Hospital
    • The cafeteria serves vegetarian items and a few vegan items.
    • Starbucks has gourmet coffee, pastries and lunch items.
    • Lunch is provided at the lunch-time Conference four days a week. Students who attend the conference are welcome to partake in the food.
  • Interviews
    • Many of our residents did not do a rotation here at Children's. If you don't get a rotation here, it does not lower your chances of getting an interview.
    • Placement in an elective in pediatrics does not guarantee you a pediatrics residency interview.