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UW Pediatrics


Pediatrics IT and Communications support the Pediatrics department website.  Send your requested changes to

General page changes

Include the web address (URL) of the page you would like updated, instructions, and any images or attachments.  For extensive changes, you may copy the existing page, paste it into Word, turn on track changes and make your updates, then send the document.  But any method of providing clear instructions is acceptable.  

Directory Changes

To add staff and faculty to the directory (including the directory that appears on fellowship and division pages), at a minimum please provide their:

  • name including degrees
  • email address (preferably UW)
  • title
  • photo
  • affiliation (with which fellowships and divisions are they associated?)

To update an existing directory entry, please include the web address to the user, and clear instructions for the needed changes.

To remove an entry, please specify whether the person has left the department entirely, or whether they have simply left the division or fellowship.

Setting up a New Website on the UW Web Servers

Pediatrics students, staff, and faculty can set up sites on the UW web servers.  See UW-IT's Getting Started With Web Publishing at the UW

To use a UW Wordpress site:

  1. Request a supplemental account from UW-IT.  Note that the account name will be part of your new website's URL, so choose appropriately.
  2. While logged in with your new shared netid, go to Manage UW NetID Resources and activate web services.  
  3. Build the site.  Find UW-IT instructions and support. UW-IT's Wordpress setup makes it very easy to select a UW theme that follows brand guidelines.
  4. Once set up, send the URL to for our records, and let us know if you’d like your new site linked to from the Department website.