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UW Pediatrics

Information Technology

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For help with Please contact

Common Technology problems, 
Servers, and server accounts
Monday – Friday, 9am - 5pm

Pediatrics IT Requests
(206) 543-PEDS
(206) 543-7337

Seattle Children's Systems

Seattle Children's IT Help Desk
(206) 987-1111

UW Medicine Clinical Systems Support

UW Medicine IT Services 
(206) 543-7012

UW NetID Account / Password

UW-IT HelpDesk
(206) 221-5000

UW-IT Systems Status

Check the Services Status page:


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Peds IT Documentation and Forms

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Network Infrastructure

The Department of Pediatrics maintains secure, fault-tolerant network infrastructure for document storage, application hosting, network printing, and high-performance computing analysis. 

Pediatrics maintains a Microsoft-based network for centralized workstation/user account management and secure document storage. 

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Network Storage

Departmental documents are stored on highly-reliable, enterprise-class storage servers which are mirrored and backed up nightly with data “snapshots” taken frequently during business hours.  An additional 150TB of storage is available for data mirroring, non-cluster image content and other static data. There is approximately 1.5PB of storage dedicated to the high performance clusters.

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Backup and Archives

Pediatrics maintains a tape library and in addition to the network storage system’s internal hourly/daily/weekly/monthly snapshots.  Critical departmental data and other non-static data is backed up nightly to tape. Full weekly backups are retained offsite for approx. 3 months and full monthly backups are retained indefinitely.

Pediatrics IT strongly encourages saving all work product on secure network storage. However, we are happy to assist in setting up laptop drive backups.

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Network Printing

Pediatrics maintains clustered network print hosts for redundant support of all networked departmental printers. Network printers are centrally managed and “pushed” to Windows-based hosts. Mac desktop and laptop systems require manual installation of network printers.

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Security and Compliance

Pediatrics IT recommends following the Security Guidelines set by UW Medicine Information Technology Services in terms of user account and system/device security.

As a standard practice, we enable encryption on laptop drives when (re)imaging new/updated systems. UW Medicine offers a wealth of information and resources online and we are happy to address any of your security issues or questions.

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Cluster Management

The department maintains two multi-node high-performance compute (HPC) clusters for medical image analysis and genetics related research in compliance with all university and department policies regarding secure storage of protected health information. The clusters are housed in secure data centers and protected by hardware firewalls. Access is permitted to specific lab personnel as needed and requires SSH encrypted secure connections. Cluster data is backed up to a disk-based system on a rotational schedule that includes nightly and weekly backups.

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