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Department of Pediatrics

Evaluation System

The University of Washington School of Medicine uses the E-Value system for all student evaluations.

The Pediatric program leadership allows each site to choose the method of evaluation collection that works best for the site.  This may be through E-Value (electronic collection), by meetings or e-mail, or on paper evaluation forms.  No matter how the site collects the evaluative information, the site must keep records of the collection of the feedback from your preceptors in case a student challenges their grade. 

All site final grades for each student must be entered on the Preliminary Grade Form in E-Value.

Students must be allowed to evaluate each preceptor who they work with and provide feedback into their grade.  This is done by having all evaluators entered into the E-Value system, even if the evaluators are not completing any evaluation in the E-Value system. This is a requirement of the LCME (accreditation) for students to evaluate their evaluators.