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UW Pediatrics


  • About
    • The Pedatric Medical Student Office has a list of pediatric clinics in the Seattle area as well as a few peds specialists located at Seattle Children's.
    • Students are expected to complete at least 8 mornings with their preceptor
    • ICM Goals for the Preceptorship
      • Provide a mechanism for early patient contact
      • Provide an opportunity to observe and possibly practice doctor-patient communication
      • Learn about the practice of a particular specialty
      • Provide one method for fulfilling continuity requirement
      • Preceptorships are graded pass/fail
    • Students at this level can do the following:
      • Observation (of physician or other providers or staff)
      • Obtain a patient's social history
      • Obtain a patient's HPI or other components of medical database
      • Additional activities based on student's previous experience
      • Obtain a patient's illness story or HPI (by mid-quarter)
      • Obtain patient's vital signs or perform other parts of the physical exam (taught throughout the spring quarter)
  • Availability
    • The UWSOM assigns 1st year students to pediatrics preceptorships throughout the academic year. The students are assigned on a first come first serve basis.
    • Any remaining spots are offered to 1st and 2nd year students requesting spots, also on a first come, first served basis.
  • Registration Process
    • Once we have matched students to preceptors, we will send out the add codes for you to register and introduce you to your preceptor via email.
    • Students are responsible for planning a schedule with the preceptor.