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UW Pediatrics

Grade Challenge

If you wish to dispute your final grade, the Grade Challenge form must be completed and received by the Medical Student Program within 4 weeks after your grade was posted.

Circumstances in which a challenge is appropriate include:

  • An apparent mathematical error in computing your final grade.
  • A technical problem with the evaluation process.

Circumstances in which a challenge will not be entertained include:

  • Performance on the exam or the weight of exam.
  • Disagreement with our grading process (e.g. how the clinical GPA is calculated and weighted).
  • Disagreement with an evaluator’s assessment of your performance.
  • Discrepancy between the feedback you received and the evaluation that was submitted (see here for more information).
  • Disagreement with final comments vs. final grade.

​​Please review the UWSOM Clinical Grade Review, Challenge, and Appeal Process.